• The DS-GR-P-S40-SC Gather'Round Cart  Syncs and Charges up to 40 iPhones and many other similar mobile devices.  This compact, secure and durable cart was configured specifically for the iPhones.  It is perfect for conference centers, hotels, retail locations, hospitals and companies where multiple iPhones have to be protected, moved, charged and (in some cases) synced.
  • Cambrionix ThunderSync3-16 (US Model: DS-ThunderSync3-16) is available in a standard 19” rack design that includes an integrated power supply (continuous provision of 2.4 amps per port (12 W)  – with smart-sense technology providing the exact charge necessary to any connected device). Thunderbolt™3 upstream connectivity, with 16 USB3.2 Gen1 5Gbps downstream ports offering a transfer rate of 40 Gbp/s*.  TS16-3 can also be daisy-chained allowing up to 96 attached devices, all capable of the same level of transfer plus no end-point limitations.  Some computers are limited in the number of USB devices that can be attached. The ThunderSync 16 does not have this limitation due to each port having its own USB host controller.
    ThunderSync3-16 features:
    • Compact, durable, easy-to-use form factor
    • 16 USB 3 ports with IntelligentCharge and Manage.
    • Each and every one of the 16 ports can achieve transfer USB SuperSpeed of 5Gbps, making light work in transferring huge amounts of data.
    • Integrated power supply, rated for continuous provision of 2.4 amps per port (12 W) – intelligent charging of any device
    • Thunderbolt to USB 3.2 Gen 1 managed industrial USB hub. Provides 40Gbps vs 480Mbps for standard hubs.
    • 2 Year RTB warranty.
    • UL listed
    • UK designed and manufactured by Cambrionix.  Stocked and supported in the US by 2022im体育网上赛事.

    Thunderbolt, Thunderbolt2 and Thunderbolt3 are a trademarks of Apple Inc.

  • DS-ThunderSync16 Universal Thunderbolt 16-port USB Hub DS-ThunderSync16 Universal Thunderbolt 16-port USB Hub
    Cambrionix ThunderSync2-16 (US Model: DS-ThunderSync16) This unit intelligently supplies up to 2.4 Amps (12W) to each USB port, allowing your devices to charge at the fastest possible rate essential for today’s power hungry devices. Utilizing Cambrionix’s proprietary ‘Very Intelligent Charging’ protocol, it will also work with any USB chargeable device on the market today and can be configured to charge future devices easily with our field updatable firmware.

    ThunderSync2 features:

    • Compact, durable, easy-to-use form factor
    • Up to 2.4 amps of charge to each of the 16 ports simultaneously
    • Intelligent charging to support any USB device
    • Upgradable firmware
    • API – Mac, Windows and Linux (see below)
    • UK designed and manufactured
    • Speeds in test scenario: 5GB file transfer to 16 devices was four minutes compared to more than 40 minutes (in a typical USB transfer scenario).  That is 10x.  We have been told of field experience of 2x-16x.
  • DS-SC-PP15 - 15-port Universal Sync and Charge USB Hub DS-SC-PP15 - 15-port Universal Sync and Charge USB Hub
    15-Port Universal USB Sync and Charge Hub If you are deploying or managing multiples of a smaller mobile device – such as iPhones™, iPods™, iPod Touch™ or smart phones – 2022im体育网上赛事 has created storage strategies that incorporate state-of-the-art charging and syncing hubs. How do you handle these devices in a compact, secure and convenient space? These trays and drawers equipped with foam interiors (some with adjustable dividers) that store and secure just about any type of mobile device, even cases or equipped with scanners, card readers or extended batteries. They provide easy access to built-in professional charging or sync-charge hubs and their power supplies. Some versions even provide security, locking the contents in a table-mounted enclosure.
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