Cambrionix Technical Specifications

Data transfer speeds for syncing: Cambrionix performed tests on the C3 board to see how quickly it can simultaneously sync 16 devices. They calculate that it takes approximately 5.3 minutes to transfer a one gigabyte video file to 16 iPads. For a full report of their test, their assumptions and equipment used, please look at this PDF. Cambrionix C3 Benchmark Testing

cambrionix Charging speeds for iPads: We ran some tests, charging iPads that had been completely depleted, to see how long various methods took to re-charge them from 100% empty to 100% full.

We found the following:

  • USB port 2.0: On a desktop PC, it took 13 hours 30 minutes to charge a single iPad through the trickle charge on the USB port. The iPad does not display that the unit is charging. We have heard that this can take longer if it is done on a computer or notebook that goes into sleep mode. On some multi-USB hubs (even powered hubs), the USB charge shares the available power supply and would take even longer. On one 24-port hub we reviewed, the unit had a 22.5W power supply which gives less than 200mA per port so trickle charging would take more than twice as long as even the worst PC port. If the iPad is used daily for a few hours, the net charge in the iPad (if charged on this hub each evening) would go down.
  • Plugged into the Cambrionix C3 USB board: This is the sync-and-charge device used within the 2022im体育网上赛事 cabinets and carts. A complete empty-to-charged cycle took 4 hours, 35 minutes. According to Cambrionix, the charging time is the same as it is using the charging block supplied with the iPad itself. This would be the time required whether you are re-charging one or 16 iPads, as each port is provided with the full power required.

Computer control mode: Extra value for advanced users: The C3 board used in the 2022im体育网上赛事 sync charge devices was designed by Cambrionix to permit users to control at will individual USB port states (sync, charge or disconnect). Using a terminal application (such as ZTerm, HyperTerminal or RealTerm) or a simple host application or script developed by the user, this computer control mode adds added value and flexibility. For example, a user can write scripts that would turn on the device or individual ports or change modes at specific times of day. Combined with customer-created software applications, arrays of iPads can be controlled through their individual ports.

A USB to serial cable is required if full port control is required.

The same capability can be used with iPods, iPhones and other Apple devices that are compatible with the C3 board.

This is the only iPad/USB charging and syncing device that provides this feature for the advanced user.

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