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Below is just a small compilation of articles and discussions we thought might be helpful to educators who would like ideas on how to use the iPad to benefit their students and technology managers who have to support configurations of iPads within their organizations. We hope you will take the time to share your thoughts and possibly join our Facebook community page. We will continue to update this page regularly as more information becomes available.

Official Apple Resources

Practical advice on iPad deployments” – This blog post offers some advice to teachers deploying ipads.  It mentions some alternative strategies and gives step-by-step instructions for setting up an affordable, practical syncing solution.  Read More

Apple Configurator: Using Volume Purchase Program (VPP) Redemption Codes.  Read more

A discussion of Charging Multiple iPads: read more

A discussion of the power requirements for charging and syncing iPads: read more

Apple has a discussion of the power requirements for peripherals, including the iPad, saying “some Apple peripheral devices may request more than 500 mA (Milliamps) at 5 V (Volts) from a port to function or to allow for faster charging. Such Apple peripheral devices include [the iPad] . . .” read more

There are other discussions of this issue at:

Engadget: read more

and Macworld: read more

iPads In Education

From Developing Education “Carting’ Around iPads; New Storage and Syncing for Education”   Mr. Keenen reviews the new Datamation DS-IP-SyncCharge for use with classrooms that need to charge and sync a smaller number of iPads and don’t have the budget or need for the larger solutions currently on the market.   As Mr. Keenen wrote, “The Synccharge can handle up to 16 devices simultaneously and has a handy push-button switch to change from syncing to charging mode.  Each USB port has dedicated power running to it, so it doesn’t matter how many iPads are connected, they are all going to have full data transfer and full-speed charging. In my testing, all iPads charged at the same rate, no matter whether 1 or 16 were attached to the unit., very useful feature.  Overall, I was very impressed with the technology, and having an option like the DS-IP-Synccharge allows for customization or reuse of an older cart with these newer devices”.

The New York Times took note of school deployments of iPads: read more

From iPads in Education we have this new interesting discussion. “This is an alternative high school of 120 students, and their lives are about to change. Actually, I think the students will fly with this better than the teachers. I have ideas of my own about how these (iPads) will be used, but I’d love to hear what some of you think YOU would do.   Reply from Sandy Munnell “Datamation has released a sync/charge station for $1295.00.  It syncs 16 iPads at one time.  Sounds expensive?  Compare to the Bretford cart from Apple at $2600…  Read more   or Click here for quick preview.

A wiki site for iPad classroom use is how-to-manage-a-classroom-of-ipads  and they post some useful guides.

How To Sync and Charge Multiple iPads

This was an interesting “solution” that someone tried for syncing iPads to iTunes. It looks like it worked but they called it the “Macgyver” solution because it was put together with duct tape and rubber bands.  read more   If you want to learn more about sync and charge times with these “solutions”, click here or “ Tech Specs ” in the above menu.

Why you can charge lots of iPads in a cart or cabinet without blowing a wall outlet: This explains how to calculate the power draw for charging multiple devices. To read more, click here .

A Quick Guide To Managing a Classroom Full of iPads: iPads are fun. Apps are fun. Second-screening, podcasting, and pinching-and-zooming your way through the internet is fun.  But when the bell rings and the fun is over, what happens then?  To read more, click here .

Interesting Uses for iPads and Tablets

A new blog is reporting on the latest and most interesting commercial and institutional uses of iPads and tablets.  TabAdapt is worth following.  click here  Apple offers an iBookstore for download. Once textbook publishers catch onto the potential of the digital education market, the iPad may be all a student ever needs to carry with them. No more heavy backpacks straining children’s backs. read more

If you would like to share some of your own experiences or have ideas which may be beneficial to other iPad users, feel free to contact us .  We can always be reached at our office should you need information on the products and services we offer for syncing and charging multiple iPads, iPhones and iPods.  We also welcome you to visit our comprehensive security website for all your other needs, .

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